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Default My Dutch Pern Series finally complete

There's not that many Pern books translated into Dutch, even with some of them published twice because Anne's original publishing company was taken over.

But one book, the translation of The Renegades of Pern, kept eluding me time and again. Dutch readers seem to hang on to their books After a "near miss" (somebody selling to another bidder too soon - while I was prepared to go even higher) I decided to leave WANTED ads on several Dutch internet eBay like pages where that was possible.

And lo and behold, a very nice bloke who sold books to earn money towards buying music and such for a male choir in the south of my country mailed em that they had a copy and what would I pay for it? I was completely honest with him because he was so nice and paid him the current market price for the trade paperback (about $15 ex postage).

I just received the book and it is in absolute pristine state! Jo Roelofsen, thank you and lots of succes with the Weerter Male Choir!!

My Dutch Pern Series finally complete! YAY
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