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Default Re: Favourite Brawn?

Weyrlady...I am just now re-reading again about Tia and ALex and I am really enjoying this read even more than the first time. I have to admit that I also really love this pair. I am also enjoying Alex and his non-conformist ways. I have to chuckle everytime I read the parts where Tia sends her servo's in to clean up the mess in his cabin. I believe that these two were more involved on the normal human friendship level, than I think any of the others were. That probably was due to how Tia came into her shell...and ALex personal shell friend when he was growing up. For these two, they grew up wonderfully open without any of the strange uncomfortable feelings or having to get use to each other differences... that many of the ships and brawns felt about each other, when they first partnered up.

Brenda...I really half to agree with you...Keff did indeed have a lot going for him...and he was extreemly charming in his knightly role with Cari. I also realy loved re-reading their story....but then again as everyone knows...I love the ship books...all of them!!!
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