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Default Cross stitch items

I've been cross stitch sewing for about 25 years now, and never expected to sell anything. However, I believe "never say never" is a very good expression to live by, don't you?! I have some trivets and coasters that I thought were cute and I have a purpose behind wanting to make some extra cash. My daughter's boyfriend is a music education major at university, but he's also in a band (bass player) that wants to make a full length CD to sell. Because they are not signed to a record label this is expensive, so I thought I'd help out our Mike and see if I could make some extra money for his share of the recording.

I have one each of the trivets made and a set of the coasters. I was thinking $25 for a trivet and $25 for the set of coasters, with a couple dollars added for postage. The trivets are 6" square and the coasters are about 3 1/2". Each blank trivet costs me $7, and each coaster is $2, so I'm not really making much, this is just for fun and to help the kids out. If there's enough interest I'll take orders, and if there's no interest - I have a huge jump on my Christmas gifts for this year! So, without any more gabbing on my part, here they are:;20For%20Sale/

I don't have paypal; however, the kids do, so if this looks like anyone wants one I can get their information or I can take a check or money order.

I thought someone might be interested in hearing the band Mike is in. These are older recordings before he became a member, so "naturally" they sound better now!
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