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my bf does ...

partly cos I forget!

the problem with trying to get more females in masculine spheres in Pern is that you might get the situation I've come across a couple of timeswhere women are given fluffy advantages to get them into physics or engineering!

What I found interesting over the trip I've been on is that in places like Cardiff and Swansea where there're more girls doing physics you get girly groups, while in Aber there're only 2 of us and we tend to mix. The other girl's bf does physics, and I tend to mix in a group of blokes anyway! To be honest i find girls too girly now (they scare me! )
I suppose where there are a few girls and they are accepted theres more equality than in lrg groups where the essential girliness creeps through!

feminism on Pern would be interesting...
practically impossible in the weyrs at least during the passes though poss. post fall weyrwomen will gain prominence over weyrleaders due to their expertise!
in the holds and halls... yeah I can see it creeping up slowly poss with some suffragette type ideas!
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