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I could take a bit longer to think about this and reply more, but can't concentrate right now. I just wanted to point out that as a low technological society, they are physically restrained as to what men and women can and can't do. The men /need/ to be available with their muscles for a lot of work (I'm assuming) and while they're doing this work, they of course, can't be inside cleaning and cooking.
I'm definitely all for equality, but in this sort of society it's difficult.
For us nowadays we have machines and technology to do a lot of things for us, so it's much easier for a woman to do a 'man's' job. I don't want to delve too much into the fact that there aren't a lot of men doing 'women's' jobs because it's seen as below them etc

I hate that where I live, I do most of the vaccuuming, cleaning, and dishes etc, I'm home more often, and I'm more responsible too. I'm sick of it, I hate doing it, but it needs to be done, so what do you do? You do it.
Most men I know don't think like that...
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