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Default Re: What is happening

Hey, look what *finally* turned up in the post this morning...

Was ordered on the third of May, from a seller which made a very loud point all over their webpage about how they were UK based...however failed to make any mention until after you had made the order that parts were shipped from "their partner warehouse" - in China. Go figure. However it was essentially free, and the part itself actually looks reasonable where it counts. The threads are all nice and clean and the bore looks to be nicely machined (yes, first thing I did was take it apart before I considered trusting it to be the source of my stopping power), and there's no swarf in evidence as often seems to be the case with stuff like this. Was quite surprised to be honest...I was honestly expecting a lot worse.

Swapped over the pushrod from the original one from the car and then got it installed.

The dust is from later in the day, obviously kept things as clean as possible while the hydraulic work was underway.

Bleeding the system was simple enough, and immediately after the bleed nipples were closed it was obvious we had pretty much resolved the issue. Full brake travel is now a couple of inches...rather than two to four inches of dead travel before anything starts happening. Much better. A quick test run later on revealed that we indeed now have plenty of brakes. Reckon there is a little adjustment still to be done as if you really stand on the brakes she does pull slightly to the left, not apparent in normal driving though.

Figured it was time to have a quick experiment with my foam based wing corner rebuild.

This was after literally five minutes with the grinder to pull the excess material off.

Yes...this is definitely heading down the right road I think...with a bit of work I reckon I should be able to get this pretty close to an invisible repair.

While I had the car outside I figured it was worth having a proper look at the paintwork on the door I'd done in actual daylight.

Given that's the finish straight out the rattle can I'm pretty happy with that. Bit of action with the cutting paste should get us a nice shine there I think.

Hoping I should have the chance to get a better run out tomorrow. Reckon having brakes where the bite point is actually in the same place every time you go to use them should make the driving experience less stressful!

We should be heading out to a show on Sunday, so will probably try to get a little more tidying done tomorrow.
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