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Default Re: I'm going back to Chile! Twice!

You're making me "homesick" for my school days.

We had a super telescope lent us from the B.A.A. historic collection: made for the Great Exhibition 1851 by Cooke and presented to Queen Vic. We had a photo of it set up on the terrrace at Osbourne. 6 & 1/4" refractor theoretical max mag 640. We had it on a concrete pillar that stuck up above the cricket pavilion and the observatory was a separate structure that didn't actually touch it.

We did sun spot counts for Herstmonceaux and timed lunar occultations. Once we were fourteen we were allowed to be there any time of day or night without a member of staff. I remember going to a series of lectures in 1959on the then very new radio astronomy, and learning about miles crosses and cambridge interferometers.

Do you know the Doctors Roger and Cindy Griffin at Cambridge?
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