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Default Re: Hubble finds most distant primeval galaxies

Originally Posted by Hans View Post
Technically we could, Oldwolf. But would there be enough interest, enough people using it? If I were a professional scientist I'd be pretty careful with my data.

Let's first try and generate more interest in general for this and we'll see what pops up, OK?
Hmm. I don't think having a protected area for the early publication of data or papers would work in the way suggested. Professional data is usually protected for a period of time after acquisition - nobody is allowed access during that period except the project team who requested it. There are also rigorous procedures that prevent results being published until peer reviewed. After that, the arXiv site is already there to give sneak previews.

Previews of results are normally given to professional audiences in the form of seminar or conference presentations. Often these presentations are in the public domain (although some conferences take the copyright so they can publish proceedings), in which case they could be published here or linked to without the need for a protected area.
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