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Originally Posted by elvenart View Post
I believe he said that he wrote the books to get younger readers interested in ancient mythology at some point. He tried to make it fun and also informative to some extent on who was who and the like. I, too, have read all 5 novels (after seeing the movie, which was fun), and have found them much more filled out and informative story-wise. The movie was basically a quick film loosely following the story, with some changes to make it a stand-alone story without the need for a sequel, but leaving it open for the possibility. Still, both the movie and the books are fun to watch/ read. My sister-in-law prefers the movie herself, though she's usually rather ... choosy?... on what she reads or watches.
I think he succeeded in his aim. I remember reading some Greek Mythology stories when I was younger, enjoyed the stories, even though I think the ones I read were watered down for younger audiences. The Percy Jackson books are dead on with the characters and true to the original mythological subjects. I've read the five, and the first spinoff... though it reminded me why I try to wait for a series to finish before I pick it up. HATE waiting at a cliffhanger.
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