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Default Collecting Highlight (71) - Science Fiction Tales: The Smallest Dragonboy

Science Fiction Tales. Invaders, creatures and alien worlds. Edited by Roger Elwood. Published by Rand McNally & Co., New York, 1973 (hardcover) and 1977 (trade paperback). All pictures showed here are scans of the 1973 hardcover edition. This book holds the very first publication of the short story "The Smallest Dragonboy" (pages 15-32).

The book has illustrated boards of which I also scanned the back because there's a (funny looking) "Pern" dragon on it with a Roman legionaire on his back It was issued without a dustjacket. Hargreaves (page 226) mentions a price sticker affixed to the face of the front board but mine does not have that (fortunately!). Both the cover illustrations and the two black and white illustrations that are to be found with the short story are by illustrator/artist Rod Ruth.

Rod Ruth was the artist of the newspaper strip 'The Toodles'. The strip was written by Stanley and Betsy Baer and drawn by Ruth from 1941 to 1958. Besides 'The Toodles', Ruth was an illustrator for Amazing Stories by Ziff Davis, the pulp magazine publisher in Chicago.

The story about Keevan (the character for which Anne's younger brother Kevin stood model) is the most reprinted McCaffrey short story and also features in many classrooms together with Dragonsong) as learning material.

Although in my honest opinion this book is definitely an Anne McCaffrey Collectible, prices for this book are very reasonable, varying from about $4.00 to almost $30.00. Mind, there are several different printings (1974 already saw a second printing), besides the two different states. It must be said that most of the copies to be found through Bookfinder are not first printings (1973), nor in good condition and often ex-library ones... so the search for a very good or better 1973 copy might be interesting

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