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Originally Posted by Spaceman Spiff
I haven't noticed her style of writing being more British or American... I've always just seen her style as 'hers'. I know what some of the dialogue sounds very Irish, but coming from an Irish character, that's to be expected. But the thing for which I am most grateful, is her spelling of words with the omission of U. I guess it's just because I was raised with this sort of spelling, but words like color, honor, valor etc. with the U included just drives me batty. And I know C_ris will come back and shove all of it in my face
As incorrect as the omission of the u's are ( ) it proves my point! I find it much harder to read WITHOUT the u's, and you find it harder with. Hence the reason for editing is to ensure that enjoyment can be gained from reading without the complications caused by having to interpret more language than necessary.
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