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Originally Posted by c_ris
It is better for it to be edited and becoem understandable, and so allow people to enjoy the work, than to insist on textual purity and put many people off right from the very start.

The very point I was going to make. And as said above, it's not disrespectful if the point is to make sure the writing is understood. What if edith hadn't known about the different usage of 'pants'? She might have got a different perception of P in S.

Another tangent - I'm now curious to see if Lisanne Norman's writing changes while she's in the States, since she's originally from England. I know she was already 1/3 of the way through a book when she moved, so it might differ from the next two-thirds.

I had this thought because edith started a topic on Anne McCaffrey that got me thinking how it could apply to other authors. I made a connection between the two, which is not neccessarily a bad thing.

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