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Uh...unless your US Harry Potter editions have them "revising" for exams and recieving their class "timetables", they have been changed. If they do, check the cover, you have the UK edition. Things where UK and US English part company to the point it could be confusing are changed. There aren't usually any more major changes like Dean Thomas suddenly becoming "a Black boy" in the US version of HPSS, and I noticed that a "jumper" snuck through in the US version of HPHBP (in the US, "jumper" is a sleeveless dress worn by girls, in the UK, it's what we'd call a sweater worn by either gender), but they still change some vocab, and the spelling (those extraneous unpronounced "u"s in words like "neighbor" and "color" disappear.)

And of course there's the biggest change of all--in the UK and overseas editions, the first book is "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone."
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