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Default Re: 46 : 2 August 2010 - Music/Song/Dance

This is from my cousin's first Christmas, and one of a series of shots. She started playing the piano, then she stopped and insisted that the page be turned. She couldn't turn the page by herself, so someone had to help her. Then, she started playing again, only to stop and look up at the music, and finally start playing again.

She's watched my uncle (her father), our aunt, and me play the piano, and she's just a smart little kid. She's 2 now, but in this photo she's about a month shy of turning one.

This second one is the group Les Charbonniers de l'Enfer. They were at the American Folk Festival last year, and they're an acapella group from Quebec. One of the volunteer jobs is being an artist buddy, and you hang around with an artist for the weekend to make sure that they get where they need to go. I was lucky to be an artist buddy for this group, and I got to practice my French. This year's festival is only a few weeks away (last weekend in August), and posting this picture is making me excited for it. I'm not an artist buddy this year, but I am doing backstage work. Both of my parents are on the volunteer committee which gets me more access to things than normal people.

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