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Originally Posted by Zelandeth View Post
Had hoped that I'd have finished the Invacar door Rebuild today and would have been able to get the latches adjusted etc...

Decided I'd "save myself five minutes" by leaving the car in the garage.

Yeah...Absolutely stupid idea. Ended up spending far more time fishing tools back out from under the car when I dropped them and clambering around the car to get to stuff. Next time I just back the car out the garage. Ended up wasting so much time that I ended up just getting the frame done and not getting the glass back in.

I really do need to do a quick run around the car and just collect all the bits and pieces that have accumulated there. There are screws, nuts, bolts, tools, brackets, bits of brake pipe and such all over the bloody place and it's driving me mad.

I think the plan for tomorrow if time permits will be to finish reassembling that door then do a bit of a garage tidy as well as the whole right hand side is turning into something of a game of Jenga and I'd rather sort it out before it buries the Invacar. Also being able to open the nearside door will mean I can optimise things a bit.

Had the opportunity to show it to a couple of friends who have been visiting from the US this evening, suffice to say they were both amused and fascinated by it.

Really funny how getting a few jobs done can improve your mojo with a project.

I did have a good moment of inspiration earlier today with regards to sorting the bodywork. One of the biggest problems I've got is that some areas have quite large expanses of glass fibre just missing. The slightly mangled wheel arch and some general scratches and cracks are easy enough to sort. What I need for the larger areas though is - in the absence of an actual mould - is something to give some structure while I rebuild the areas in question. I'd experimented with some ally mesh, cardboard and chicken wire, but found they just didn't have enough strength and it was hard to get the precision I needed.

What I do have still sitting around from some earlier attempts at costume making are some nice chunks of high density closed cell foam. My plan is to sculpt a base to put behind the panel in question which I can then build the glass fibre over. Once there's a pretty thin shell there it's easy enough to actually build up layers over that for strength. Obviously the foam can just be removed once things are done.

Reckon it's got a better shot at working for the rebuilding of the "bumpers" than my previous approach.
Fiberglass bumpers? Or is that just a cover over some sort of metal structure, like metal cars? (But I do remember reading about one car from the Soviet era whose body was made from compressed paper.)

Before production, to test the durability of the material, an entire 1953 Chevrolet convertible body was made from fiberglass. A factory executive in Florida "borrowed" the car one evening for a joyride, misse3d a sharp curve on a back road, and rolled the car. The doors still opened and closed like they should.
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