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Default Re: Pern in 500 years

Originally Posted by CuriousFlit View Post
With Thread now gone and Weyrs opening up in the South and West Continents with more room to grow/farm food, do you think the Southern Weyrs will now tithe to the Northern ones to replace the Hold tithes? Or will the Northern Weyrs just be abandoned again?
That was part of the reason that F'lar wanted Dragonrider Land in Southern. It would allow the Dragonriders to have their own source of foodstuffs etc, thus taking the pressure off the Holds to Tithe now that they had eliminated the threat of Thread.

Undoubtedly, the Dragonriders will be able to provide services to Holds that they themselves are not capable of, and with the end of the need for large numbers of Dragons to fight Thread, I can see their numbers being gradually reduced as time goes on, further reducing the amount of resources required to maintain a Weyr at Full Fall Strength.
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