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Default Re: Pern in 500 years

I think the mineral poor aspect of Pern tends to get exaggerated in the fandom. It's an Earth-like planet in the back of beyond, so far out from civilization that a few thousand back-to-the-landers were able to buy it for a song. It doesn't have to be mineral poor to get categorized as "resources negligible." It just has to not have anything worth shipping a mining operation on a 30 year round trip to get.

If you have the technology to mine in space, if you can disassemble asteroids that are basically kilometers-long chunks of useful ores, if you can skim the atmospheres of gas giants that might have exotic elements hiding in them, there's not much on an Earthlike planet that's worth the effort. You can get more and cheaper elsewhere, and without ruining any nice real estate.

So Pern probably has as much going for it as our own Earth does, resource-wise. It might be short on fossil fuels, depending on whether or not Thread eats those. So Pern's tech level is going to depend largely on how good an industrial infrastructure they manage to build with the plans AIVAS left, and how interested the people in power continue to be in developing that infrastructure once the current generation of visionary leaders dies out.
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