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Default Re: What is happening

My father back in the early 80s worked in the airport on Shetland, and had some nice stories of how useful contaminated Jet A1 could prove, and that in the days of barter that it proved a useful currency!

Not had a particularly productive day.

While digging around I discovered that the hose routing air to the cabin outlet was actually hanging off and the last inch or so had disintegrated. Thankfully there was just enough left to trim it back to sound hose and reattach it.

Next step was trying to get rid of the crud in the various hoses in the interests of not getting crud in the eye halfway down the A509.

Sealed the inlet side of the system off...

(Read: pull the duct off and stuff a rag in the end)

I know the heat exchanger and the hose from there to the control box is clear as I'd already dealt with that off the car.

Then set both the heater and demister on before attaching a vacuum source to draw air in through the demister, through the control box and back out through the cabin heater outlet.

With this setup in place I basically went around and battered every inch of the ducting with the handle of a screwdriver until I could no longer hear stuff rattling down the vacuum cleaner hose.

This is basically the point at which progress stalled as I decided to change the fan belts. Which was fine until I got back from the motor factors and it immediately became apparent that the two belts they had given me were in fact not identical.

Got back there to discover they didn't have a second longer one in stock, so will have to go back tomorrow. Blarg. By this point I'd wasted an hour on that and immobiliser the car as the starter motor was no longer attached to the engine essentially.

I have however given myself some more time to consider a proper permanent seat attachment system. These were picked up as a major part of that.

They're 2.5mm thick steel and far chunkier than they look in the photo. The basic plan is that these will be attached to the Invacar seat frame by two M6 bolts each, and then the runners of the new seat will be bolted down to these brackets.

This will be far, far more sturdy than my original bodge, and in addition will retain both the lateral and height adjustment features of the seat. It will also give me the ability to compensate for the runners on the seat being offset roughly an inch to the right, which is nice.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more productive.
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