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Default Re: What is happening

I've not had *too* much trouble with actually seized fasteners on this car so far. The majority have caused problems because the heads of screws have decayed beyond usefulness where I've had to drill things out.

The best penetrating fluid I've found is a mixture of acetone, old school automatic transmission fluid and a dash of diesel. Just don't spill it or you'll be finding it for months.

The fasteners in this thing (aside from those in the actual important mechanical bits) were the cheapest they could find - 43 years ago. With it having sat in a damp field with no rear window since at least 2001, the damp has seen to pretty much every one in the interior being knackered.

Replacements are all stainless steel where possible, likewise the new fuel lines will be marine grade...though hopefully the majority of the fasteners I'm fitting now won't never need to come out again...

It's a funny little car...the engine and drive systems are clearly made up to a standard with little regard for price, likewise the chassis which is vastly over sophisticated for the type of vehicle - and then has the cheapest, shoddily built body plonked on it.

I guess being such an engineering oddity was what drew me to it.
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