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Pearl, It would be worse because heterosexual men treat women in a way which recognizes their femininity and sexuality. Homosexual men don't do that. This is subtle, but it is there.
Jora is young and inexperienced, and would probably interpret this lack of reaction as her fault. It would be another blow to her self-esteem and could have started a cycle of self-pitying actions which would only reinforce the bad opinions of others, which in turn reinforces the self-pity.

She was brought in from the Search at a young age (14-16? maybe younger), thrown into a situation beyond her experience, and was expected to act like an experienced Weyrwoman from the outset. She is terrified of flying/heights, but no one understands how she feels. S'lon is far older than her and he dismisses her phobia as 'something she has to get over', as well as criticizing her behaviour (both socially and with Nemorth).

She barely gets to know F'lon before he dies, but he is much like his father. Also, F'lon is more interested in Manora, who is raising his two sons. But, he at least treated her as a woman before and after the mating flight.

If R'gul is homosexual, he does not react when she takes an effort to look good for him, brushes off her physical contact (touch of the hand on the arm, for example), and only interacts with her in a cold manner when he is trying to teach her something (like how to overcome her phobia). She would see him react warmly to his Green rider, however, and not really understanding what what was going on, she would denigrate herself.

Jora was about forty when she died and had spent at least half her life in semi-isolation, locked into a loveless relationship, and having only Nemorth as a companion.
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