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Default Re: Fan Fiction - Do you have a favorite?

Originally Posted by Kugai View Post
*Blink Blink*

Too many Borg???!!!
Yes, too many Borg.

Giving Voyager two or three ex-Borg is one thing -- Janeway goes one-on-one with the Queen (they're about evenly matched IMNSHO) while the two or three ex-Borg deal with the Queen's posse -- the formula is classic, and tends to minimize the technobabble.

Basically, ex-Borg tend to devolve at some point into Mary Sue characters.

Originally Posted by Kugai View Post
Yeah, Lynne is a bit of a handful when roused.
Which turns out to be a good thing for everyone except psychopathic dumb****s, assassins, and corrupt politicians... heh, heh.
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