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Default Re: Fan Fiction - Do you have a favorite?

Originally Posted by Kugai View Post
Could be 'cause you are one draconichybrid
Damn straight! It would be nice to see less censure, but....

Originally Posted by Kugai View Post
Wonders of the House Presba

This is quite a saga, and is still a work in progress with new parts due out sometime in the next two or three months.
I tried reading this -- too many Borg though.

Originally Posted by Forward Motion
“Then I think it’s time for your remedial lecture. So let me make this very simple for you.” Lynne dropped the remainder of her cookie on the tray. “When I said that your decision to force Kathryn to use the slipstream drive was not in your best interests, I meant that quite literally. The day you tried to destroy my wife is the day you made a lifelong enemy of me. I don’t take kindly to self-important ******** ****ing with the woman I love, and it just so happens that I’m now a very, very wealthy woman. I’m quite willing to put every bit of my personal fortune into buying a deep hole to drop your career into. I’ll also be happy to advertise the true reason why the Federation lost every bit of the Hamilton Foundation funding on your watch, and I’ll make it clear that whoever runs against you should come talk to me about renewing that funding next year. And I will spend every minute of my time making sure that the highest elected office you ever see from now on will be head of a wastewater district. It will be an absolute pleasure, believe me.”
Priceless, simply priceless.

Even better, she's a moral hunter/killer. Not something you exactly hear of every day, especially in fiction -- most people would say the hunter/killer instinct inherently precludes morality.

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