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Default Re: How To Train Your Dragon

I'm going to post something from the NKT...

Originally Posted by McClance View Post
For those who enjoyed How to Train Your Dragon, a follow-up TV series, Dragons: Riders of Berk, is set to air September 4. Two full-length sample episodes are up on Youtube:

Episode 1: "How to Start a Dragon Academy"

Episode 2: "Viking For Hire"

And a clip of Episode 3: "Avalanche"

It looks really good in every way. The animation is on level with a big-screen production. The writing and storytelling is excellent. It's a worthy follow-up for the movie. I'm, of course, certainly excited about it. Finally, a TV series about dragons.
I watched those first two and the were really good, considering. I had also just watched the film two days before so it was fresh in my mind.
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