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Default Re: How To Train Your Dragon

Originally Posted by Samsara View Post
I would have have to agree with that Ghost. If they make the movie & it sucks, I would be devastated...
There's the rub though. I've read books that have been made into movies. some followed the book religiously, others got rights to the book, then went their own way with it, and it comes down to the movie magic of if it sinks or swims. I, Robot, not even close to the book, but a box office smash, same with HTTYD, Starship troopers, I think didn't do so well. Lord of the Rings, all three parts box office smash, and fairly closely follows the original story. Chronicles of Narnia, First part, again fairly close to book, huge fan base, box office smash, Prince Caspian appeared to flop, but think I saw that Dawn treader has one trailer out, so it might not have died.

In any event it seems there are nearly infinite possibilities of how a book becomes a movie. good or not so good book. script follows book closely, to close enough. or Title and names are grabbed, but thats it. Existing fan base Loves, hates, is disappointed by, or enjoys the new story as different from the one they read. and lastly did it make hollywood money money money, or not.mix and match.

In this instance, I will heartily recommend HTTYD the movie, but not the book so much. it really was a kid's book, and a lot of the plot action felt forced.

When Pern gets to movies, I heartily hope that the world that was created in spectacular detail is kept to. Well, I can hope at least.
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