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Default Re: How To Train Your Dragon

Originally Posted by McClance View Post
But, had the writers/directors of the movie stuck a little closer to the book, the movie might not have been as awesome. So, in this case, they made the better decision.

By the way, the movie is now available at for pre-order in Region 1. They don't give a specific release date yet, though.

I totally agree, if they had stuck to the book, the movie wouldn't have been a thousandth as enjoyable as I'd found it to be. The issue is that the movie was trading on a book name, where the book it was derived from had very little to do with the plot of the movie. Call it a purist viewpoint. In this instance the title applies to the thrust of the movie's plot, even if it differs from the situations and most plot elements in the book.

But yes I am SO getting a copy of that movie as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Kinda wish Dreamworks could get their hands on Pern rights... IF they would keep closer to written plot that is. they definitely showed a dragon to rider bond that I could almost accept. better than Eragon had. Cinematics were excellent as well.
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