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Default Re: New Rowan Cover?

Originally Posted by Priscilla View Post
I've never been able to figure out why book covers are such a big deal, especially the covers of hardbacks, which are just paper and can easily be taken off and lost/ripped/whatever. I know, it's supposed to be the wondrous art, but to me - it's the words inside that matter!
It probably depends on the inclination and/or age of the reader.

I'm a very visual reader/writer. I see the events in books as images in my mind. When I was younger, however, I was still developing my methodology in this, trying to figure out HOW to make images in my head, and WHAT to use for them when I did, and I used to stare for long periods at the covers of books. The covers of some books from a certain time period in middle and high school are very nostalgic to me--as much as the words themselves are. That doesn't happen as much now that I'm adult; I rarely look at the covers now. But I did a lot as a child and a teen.

P'ter - as Kath said, Rowan had entirely white hair (white from the age of 3), and her children and their children had white streaks. Damia and her offspring did for certain, and I usually assume Jeran, Cera, and Larak had the white stripe as well.
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