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Smile Re: Real Life Pukhas (Almost)

they could, if they really wanted to. i've seen so many electronic stuffed toys over the years, that, if someone was really clever, could perhaps move the workings into a stuffie. like kind of rebuild it into a firelizard. im thinking spifically of the Furbies of the '90s. those seemed so real in their reactions to things that it was spooky. but they tended to glitch up not long after you got them, so we were always having to take them back to the store, to join the long line on the 'Returns' shelf, with others that peopel had also brought back. but i remember so well our was so cute! and the first night we had it, when it was time for family night prayers, i put the Furby in our bedroom, to be in the dark,which directions had said would put it to sleep. but all during the Rosary, we kept hearing these sad sighs and 'im sorry' coming from there that it made me feel like a cruel oger! i had to force myself to remind this is a *TOY*, not something alive! but man, they really could seem to be!^_^

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Why don't they have any dragons or fire lizards?
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