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Default Pern MORPG (Need your opinions.)

(((EDIT: All we need now is voters to participate in our polls! We want to know what the DRoP community thinks!

Team openings: Sound, programming

More information:

Hey, I've been furthering my education and there's been some DRoP related side-effects to 3D software exposure.

I don't intend this thing to be huge, just a project I was strongly compelled to undertake, and there are a few ways I can do so . I'm using Blender to model the avatars until I get Maya, which is a few classes away. I'm also working in Unity, and hope to upgrade to Pro in the not too distant future. For now I'm just building the components of a 3D, Pern. I've been researching my options for virtual real-estate, in the hopes of opening a virtual Pern hangout, with various locations. I know a server will be needed. Even so this is intended for a very very tiny population. Who knows what's possible as far as others who get on board and want to pull some weight in that regard, but for now my computer is new and cutting the mustard, lol. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but if anyone is interested, they can read more about it by following the link. I'll see this to the end on my own if it takes 1,000 years, but if someone out there wants into this, and has the skills, I am open to share it.

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