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Default Re: INVITE: Interactive Solstice Ritual on Pern(on Zoom or

Originally Posted by Lets Gather In Pern View Post
THIS IS STILL ON!: I decided I like the idea so much, + Christmas/Solstice/Yule so much, -- that I want to do it now; then every few months.

Plus I have other themes/activitues, & would like to gather monthly via zoom, or audio free conference call (or if folks are international we could use clubhouse for a free call for everyone(unless there's a better network for that now?).

Anyways, plz call, as remember I have eye issues, so can't plan thru typing here(but will post in event section when finalized). If you're international & it's a tow-call, I will be getting Signal soon(unless I find out about something better?), so then you'll be able to call free (if you get the free signal app).

I also have eye problems, I am now complete ly blind, after being
blindpartly sighted for over forty years, I understand your problems in a way, Where on EWorld are you? for we can fine ways to type up here, I use a progra m call JAWS and there is a program called NDVA which is free, if you have asmart phone, you can with help turn on a voice to help yo tell you what you need, sorry my own learning pa pa
problems sometimes get in my posts I have problems with english grammer and spelling and What is Happinging Part II I must mostly re-learn how to work here and I haven't quite got that all worked out, I have only been back here for a few weeks, or a months , being blind for a few years, and trying to learn when you have a hearing loss, and fighting with migraines and a lot of real life stuff has made it harder but let me welcome you via this post to here, a belated post., spring time greading and just ajust around thecorner is AMC birthday April 1, I am one who mimmnot the only one who miss es the dragonlady! Virginia AKA GinnyStar
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