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Default Re: Washing Clothing and otherstuff, what is used to keep niced?

The important thing is to use water at the right temperature for the fabric, so you'd start by sorting your clothes into batches of similar fabric. Bashing them on the rocks is mainly for bed-linen and possibly plain underwear.

For example, cotton and linen can be washed in really hot water. You can wring the water out before rinsing (and repeat), but it will get wrinkled and need to be ironed (hot).

Wool needs water at body temperature or it will shrink and turn to felt. Silk needs gentle handling at a cooler temperature. The water should be gently squeezed out, no wringing. Iron gently when dry if needed.

Of course all the laundry needs to be hung up to dry, preferably outside.

Sheepskin or tanned-hide clothes -- whole different process, mostly dry.
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