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Default Re: Washing Clothing and otherstuff, what is used to keep niced?

Keeping the special wear good - unfortunately Anne doesn't tell us what the clothes were made of, it might be wool, linen, cotton, or some local fibre. She mentions "sweetsand" for bathing, but I doubt that would do fine clothes any good. The traditional method is to bash them on the rocks beside a stream or spring or rub them on a washboard, with or without handmade soap. I'm guessing anything really fine would be gently washed by hand, then dried flat or hung up to drip dry.

It's not too hard to make a non-electric washing machine for regular clothes. I used one that was basically two upside-down funnels on a lever which we pumped 200 times by hand - and it was gentler on the clothes than most modern washing machines.

As for what the clothes might have looked like, try - but only if you have plenty of time. The company is Ukranian, so at the moment they are too busy trying to keep their workers alive to take orders, so this is not an advertisement. I generally use their website as inspiration for my drawings.
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