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I don't recall that specifically, but I do recall a scene that could be taken and extropolated (sp?) upon to provide that conclusion.

They show a brief memory from Sodan where Sodan was once in an alien body, navigating down alien roads.

It's a brief scene, but it sort of acts as a first step where you can come up with all sorts of subsequent events that were never actually shown, and that never actually happened.

Personally, I think their race killed itself with its infighting, because of this war-like culture, this is why Sodan decided to attack Iota Aurigae rather than say to Damia, "Hey, know any habitable planets we can use? We're the last of our race, and that's sad.". I think he (reluctantly) saw Damia as a rival, since she was a Prime, and he was Prime, and I think their race's Talents were what killed their species--basically, the egotism shown by the Rowan-era Primes taken to an where the Primes were reluctant at first to merge to help Deneb, because Reidinger and the others were fearful that the merge of such strong egos would rip them all apart. I think Sodan's people kept going forward with extreme Prime-in-her-Tower syndrome and became dictators, and waged war on one another with their minds from across the stars. But, this was never stated as such in the books.
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