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Default Collecting Highlight (20) - Firebrands by Ron Miller and Pamela Sargent

Huh? What? I hear you say But yes, not an Anne McCaffrey book for this Collecting Highlight. But of course this book has something AMC related or it wouldn't be a Collecting Highlight. It's always debatable anyway if something is a Collecting Highlight, but if I think it is for me you'll have to suffer what I read about it

So, Firebrands, subtitled The Heroines of Science Fiction & Fantasy with lots and lost of art by Ron Miller and text by Pamela Sargent (a well known SF author and editor of many an SF anthology) holds one of the not so well known pictures of Lessa and Ramoth and that is why the book deserved its place. So without further ado the pictures first. I am not judging quality or Perneseness, just picked up on this because it is virtually never mentioned

This is the book, published by Thunder's Mouth Press, New York, 1998 and by Paper Tiger in the UK in the same year. ISBN for the US edition is: 1-56025-164-6. It is dedicated to "Polly Freas, science fiction heroine".

It is an A4 size, large paperback (slightly larger than letter size).

Here's the title page with one of the many scantily clad heroines (why are they always nearly naked; not that I object but it seems such nonsense ) but with a very nice steel clad Princess Bronwyn.

And here are Lessa and Ramoth, appearing on page 88, in the chapter "The 1960's to 1970's". (This one is a scan, not a photograph)

Lessa appears in chapter 3. Chapter 1 is about the beginnings to the 1930's, chapter two about books published in the 1940's - 1950's and chapter 4 for books from the 1980's - 1990's. A very nice book to read if you are interested in the combination of art and SF history!

The book, which is also available as a hardcover, isn't especially rare but the market is also not overflowing with copies. I found three on eBay. One of which is signed by both authors and priced at $ 36.50. Regular copies sell for anything between $ 1 to $ 20, depending on the usual factors.
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