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Originally Posted by kevia View Post
I seem to remember in Dragoneye, when some healers were discussing this, one of them mentioned watching old footage of this and it still only took moments. And that would be a situation where shock wouldn't be much of a factor.
We don't know if the person making this observation was speaking from having viewed it once, or several times. If once, the first viewing could have been quite a shock and be subject to the same relativity. And IIRC, the person never gives precise time references for how long it takes.

The word "moments" is inherently imprecise, especially compared to "minutes" or "seconds." After all we see "moment" used/misused to describe everything from events that take an instant (like an explosion) or minutes (like the proverbial lovers staring into each other's eyes) or even hours (such as a sporting event).

Will the average reader assume something like "seconds" when they read "moments"? Probably. But don't assume the author is the average reader. Authors habitually like to play with language and choose what they say much more carefully (in both their precision and their imprecision) than most readers realize.

I've pointed out to another poster that the author very carefully avoids ever precisely pinning down the elapsed time of Thread consumption, but yet the author has nailed transits between to the wall at precisely eight seconds when not timing it or engaging in an interplanetary jump. This author is fully capable of precision, she just chooses to avoid it in this case...

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