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Originally Posted by ElectricDragon View Post

I would view this as a way of opening up an arc in which the Southern Continent is gradually resettled in spite of Thread. Of course, I'd also have made the grubs less effective, essentially able to retard the spread of Thread and eventually destroy it, but not prior to significant damage (as in, you might lose some fields, but not an entire valley), so there would still be a need for aerial protection.

I've never really understood this business about the grubs. My first impression was that they lived in the ground and prevented Thread burrows from developing. Then it seemed that they also in some way made the vegetation stronger so it could resist Thread, but HOW? Surely the Threads would eat their way down the trees quite a way before getting poisoned or nullified by whatever the grubs were putting into the trees. Unless Southern Weyr was so efficient that no Thread EVER got by them. T'bor did say they'd never had any burrows.

AND how did the dragonriders fail to notice, after 7 turns of fighting Thread in the South, that trees outside the Southern Hold region were doing fine without their help?

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