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Default Re: Golds prefer holder girls?

Originally Posted by Eriflor View Post
I'm not sure about 1st Pass, but girls were Searched for greenriders in 2nd and 3rd, and whichever Pass "Ever the Twain" took place in. Or at least it was accepted that some of those rejected by a gold hatchling would Impress greens, which isn't quite the same thing.
They definitely had female greenriders in the first Pass, and would have Searched for them specifically in the same way as they Searched for riders for the other colours - it was male greenriders that were the minority (i.e. nonexistent) at first, and they made a specific shift to go looking for male riders later on because of the advantages of male riders not conceiving (as well as keeping the single gay male bluerider happy).

Because obviously contraception was the first technological advance that a modern society would choose to lose... (And we won't even start on how crazy it is that the sexual orientation and gender of your human dragonlust partner matters more than them not necessarily being a person of your choosing, even if the basic sexual preferences do line up. If stand-ins were optional for them, they ought to be optional for the male riders, too. Every single female rider got to deal with that issue (except the lesbians, who apparently don't exist in that Pass), and I can't imagine that they were 100% happy about it, even post facto.)
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