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Default Re: Golds prefer holder girls?

Originally Posted by Eriflor View Post
Except that theoretically they're only bringing in a handful of possible goldriders (some of them really as possible fur-mates brought in on the excuse of a Search) when there's a gold egg in the clutch, not every time there's a clutch.

And I don't think all the families write off the girls as soon as they get Searched, because they want them to marry and take up their land-grant alongside the family Hold. Brekke had been with the Weyr for a couple of turns when the Masterfarmer said the craft-hall wouldn't take her back.
The Masterfarmer never said they wouldn't take her back. He specifically said "It would be hard for her to live simply again." I always read that as a willingness to accept her if she felt she couldn't remain at the Weyr, but also an acknowledgement of the differences between the ways of life and that, once someone is accustomed to Weyr life, going back to a Hall or Hold would be difficult.
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