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Default Re: Golds prefer holder girls?

all the above are good points, but aside from bringing in new genes into a rather closed pool, etc, one thing that Search dragons look for are girls with strong telepathy and telempathy. that is pointed out, though not with that name, from the first book on, with Lessa's ability to contact other dragons, her manipulating emotions and actions, and the like. the strongest-referred to most often as 'the best'- Weyrwomen have all had these abilities, some more so than others. Search dragons seem to take note of girls, and somtimes boys, not only during the time leading up to a Hatching, but between them as well, as if mentally marking them to come back for later....odd, considering they dont have much memory of past events.

i wish i could cite books and passages, but my kids have rumbled through my shelves this summer, and i cant find all my books. nice to have them read and shared, but i wish they got put back where they were...we have, last count was about 15 years ago, over 12,000 books and magazines, so putting things back is a big deal in our family!^_^
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