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Default Re: Getting to know you...

Hello, again. I'm Anareth, aka Jennifer, aka juliet or julietvalcouer, ImperialGirl, TIE Pilot, and other on-line psedonyms. I'm 26 at the moment, I have a Master's in Museum Studies, am sick of working for the state of Michigan and am going to culinary school in January (don't you think the Whelan cover of ATWOP would make a lovely chocolate or pulled-sugar sculpture?) I write. Rather a lot. I'm in two Pern PBeMs. If you think I'm obnoxious on-line, you should meet me in real life.

I'm only going to repeat this story once: I found Anne McCaffrey when I was ten years old and my mother played the audiobook of "Moreta" on a car trip. I read Moreta, and got the gist of it. (Hence the creation of my imaginary dragaon, Anareth, who eventually became my PBeM gold.) The cover of the omnibus version of the Dragonriders trilogy was so ugly as to put me off it for years. Eventually I got around to reading it, probably around the time ATWOP came out. Again it slipped my mind, until I won a copy of SoP and found the website. Unlike many, I didn't start with Dsong or DF, and in fact I can't remember reading the HHT for the first time, and I'm fairly sure I never read Ddrums until I got into Pern fandom. I've now read all the Pern books, PoP, Atlas, both DLGs, the two Choose-your-own-adventures, and have the two games (Nova and Mayfair.) I'm also, as you may have gathered, a compulsive collector. I'm also a fan of the Ship Series. Never got into any of Anne's others, though I've read "Crystal Singer", and some of the Rowan-related short stories.
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