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Originally Posted by Jesserli
*grins* Well, the three that would generally be considered more difficult to get into are Cornell, Dartmouth, and Carnegie Mellon. Then BU, since the program I want has a yearly Freshman class of 20. After that, Mt. Holyoke is the most competitive, with Skidmore a close second. I don't think I'll have a problem getting into any but the top three (which aren't MY top three, just the three most competitive), since my SAT scores are very high (800 verbal - all that reading ). I loved Mt. Holyoke when I went to visit - especially the Equestrian center! The only downfall is the all-girl bit, and the fact that i don't know much about their theatre program.
What're the possible scores for the SAT's? I'm working on getting a doctorate w/o having to take any of those types of tests. I've made it into a master's program w/o, but I think my luck will run out at the doctorate level.

As to the all-girl bit being a downfall, well, that's wholly a matter of perspective now, isn't it?

Peace, Meredith, Psy
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