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Default Re: What is happening

That could have been a lot worse.

Failed on 2x TREs and drag link ball joint obviously. Also the prop shaft CV boot which was known but forgotten about going into the test, rear brake imbalance, high nearside headlamp aim and missing rear reflectors.

The missing reflectors is an odd one as they're integral to the tail light lenses...don't want to be seen as arguing with the tester...but sorry mate you're wrong there. The tail lights are configured right now exactly as they left the Mercedes factory.

Propshaft CV boot is a simple fix, tester confirmed that quickest way is to just unbolt the centre bearing carrier and lower the propshaft until the slip joint separates.

Rear brake imbalance...blarg. The garage can have that one to sort. I'm not faffing with brakes against the clock. Especially as I seem to remember the self adjuster on these being fiendishly complicated.

Headlight aim, fair enough. I fitted a new light a couple of days back and hadn't even looked at the aim so far (it's on the to do list for the weekend).

I'll do the propshaft CV boot, headlight aim, probably stick on a couple of trailer reflectors as it's easier than arguing with the tester, and will give the ball joints the opportunity to come apart. If they do I'll swap them, if they put up any fight though the garage can do it on Monday.

Looks like we've got a reasonable chance of being ready for Thursday.

The exhaust is frankly hilarious. It's a real proper old school "BraaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAmmmm..." Through each gear just now...
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