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Default Re: Relative size of major holds.

At the end of a Pass, the use of firestone would decline, but the tithe amount would not. Firestone will still be needed for training and practice, and any excess would be stockpiled. These stockpiles would have been reduced during the Pass even if mining had been increased during the Pass, and would have to be replenished for the next Pass.

The biggest hit to the Nabolese economy would be that the demand plummeted from six Weyrs to one. None of the Holds which normally tithed firestone (and had to purchase it from Nabolese sources) would need any firestone, so they stop buying. It would have been similar to the latest 'bust' in oil prices: there is a glut of supply and the price plunges. Mines close down, miners move out, food sales drop and the entire economy suffers.

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