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Default Re: Relative size of major holds.

If Nabol was the main source of firestone for the Weyrs, it would have had a really bad time after the five Weyrs jumped forward. A once lucrative trade (firestone for goods) would dry up and Holders would be put into hardship.

The mines would be mostly shut down, and those miners who didn't move away to more productive mines would be the older ones. These would maintain the mine, but would spend most of their time farming and gardening. This would mean that the Minecrafter holds, which previously purchased a good portion of their food, are now becoming self-sufficient and buying less. This results in less wealth for the neighbouring holds. The Holders have to tighten their belts (not an easy thing to do) and the effect of this economic downturn spreads across Nabol.

The western port goes to Ruatha because Ruatha is where most of their traffic now comes from. This does not occur overnight, but the slowly growing pressure from the merchants and others in the town would encourage the Holder to favour ties in that direction over the decreasing connections to Nabol.
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