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Default Re: Relative size of major holds.

Interesting - yet more medieval ways for a Lord Holder to improperly obtain other holds - I'm still unpacking about 25 boxes of books and trying to fit them into three bookcases. Today one of them fell open at this quote - for King read Lord Holder.
"... when one of the tenants died without leaving a son of full age. If there were young children the King (Lord Holder) had their wardship. That meant that provided he educated the children according to their station in life he enjoyed all the profits of their father's land until they came of age. ... if the children were girls he would sell them in marriage to the highest bidder ... every lord reckoned to make a handsome profit when one of his tenants died, and if, by any chance, the tenant was the last of his line and had no heirs at all the land would revert to the lord in its entirety. - R H C Davis "A History of Medieval Europe."
And I'm thinking that a lot of children in that situation would disappear - the Princes in the Tower come to mind.
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