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Jora was isolated from the Lower Caverns in several ways. First, the Weyrwoman had special quarters somewhat removed from the Lower Caverns. Second, she had a status which set her apart from all the other riders and the non-riders as well. Third, the Weyrleader had a great deal of control over her life and who had access to her.

Jora could go to the Lower Caverns using the 'back stairs' (servant's stairs), but if she did that: everyone would stop working as soon as she entered a room and only the senior staff present would dare to speak to her first. If anyone has seen Downton Abbey, recall what happens whenever one of the family sets foot in the servants' hall.

R'gul was only interested in being Weyleader. He may not have been interested in Jora at all, and the possibility that he was a 'top' (dominant homosexual) would make this even worse. F'lon and S'lon would have at least treated her like a woman.
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