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It's possible Manora didn't like her much, either. I get the sense that Weyrwomen don't necessarily socialize with the women of the Lower Caverns, though on the other hand there's nothing that says they can't. And since Jora was "slacking off" on her duties to the Weyr, more work fell on women like Manora, while their social positioned drooped lower and lower as the Weyr fell even more out of favor. It's not necessarily fair to Jora, but Jora was nominally Manora's leader whether she liked it or not, and Manora wouldn't've necessarily felt all that sympathetic as she watched Jora fail.

Must've been terribly isolating for Jora, with no other dragonriding women, no friends in the Lower Caverns, and not much chance to leave the Weyr and visit with Holder ladies who were more or less her social equals. Do we hear anything about her family, even?

(I think the Doylist explanation is that she's introduced in Dragonflight, which despite being speculative fiction is heavily influenced by the romance genre, and in classic romance novels the only women who get to be as pretty as the heroine are evil sluts - so Kylara gets to be attractive but Bad, and Jora gets to be ugly and dead.)
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