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Looking at the map of Benden Weyr in the Atlas of Pern, I see only 3 places with access from the ground level: the Hatching Cavern, the Weyrling Barracks, and the Kitchen cavern.

Considering the smaller clutches in the Long Interval, maybe they could have closed off an area in the barracks for Nemorth after Jora's fear of heights became apparent. Or the pair could have moved into the Hatching Cavern permanently after the previous queen and her rider died.

However, the Weyrwoman's apartment was on the same level as the Council Chamber, so maybe that was considered the only appropriate weyr for her. Otherwise she might have remained in the Junior Queen's weyr that she must have occupied after weyrling training.

Why didn't they just build a wall along the outside of the staircase so Jora couldn't see the drop-off?

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