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Default Re: Who is a Twilight Fan

I started reading these books about a week and a half ago, and have watch each of the movies at the end of each book...yesterday was the end of the last book today was the last of the movies. I did enjoy them pretty much all the way through...a few slow spots in the third book...but mostly they were fairly entertaining.

I go along with what Bats said above...I think I belonged in the *Camp Jacob* group...he was a reall cutie.

I also go along with Digger...I got started on these because of my teenage Grand-daughters, and now I have something interesting [for them at least]to chat about...and keep up to date with. Seems my girls are all going to take me to see the last chapter of the movies, in about a month...that should be a wonderful day spent together, no matter what we're watching!!!
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