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Default Re: Wanted: Doona series?

Hi Hans, thanks for the reply!
I have been keeping an eye out on ebay and other sites. Have found a few, but rapid calculation of customs and postage makes me want to narrow the search closer to home (unless i am absolutely desperate --- which i have been a few times!). Plus some are just too pricey so i end up waiting the search out..

I am still missing...

Dolphins of Perns
Nerilka's story
Dragon's blood
Dragon's Kin
The Masterharper of Pern

All of the Rowan books

The first 2 books of Doona (Restoree and Crisis at Doona) - thus omnibus is great though I just got the Ship Who Sang HC.

I always wondered, are omnibus editions rewritten shorter versions of the original stories, or the complete novel just bound with others?).

anyway, this is about it. it's come to the point i have an excel sheet just for my mccaffrey books and a well worn list of all her works so i avoid doubles if i already have the omnibus.. (not that this has helped since i have doubles and sometimes triples, because i have the PB, single copy and omnibus too in some cases!)

- rachel
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