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Default Re: Any real talents in here?

Originally Posted by Nina View Post
One of my answers:
The thing is that I have been wondering for a while whether the small electrical current in the human body is responsible and the explanation why any sort of talent works.

Does any of you have experience with this??? What do you think???

Is the human body all a question of physics? Remarkable if it is, and still is conscious with a mind working
Hey Nina - I have been meaning to get back to this thread for a while now...

I have seen a lot of talent being passed on in families so there must be a genetic connection of some kind, but not always is that the case.

I think that depending on the person and their particular talent, they are probably capable of tapping into different energy sources that are available, including electrical current, whether it is their own or from others or from the environment around them. Ultimately it is all "energy".

Referring back to my Post #27....I have since made some progress with my talents and I have a idea as to why my talents have become stronger lately, strong enough for me not to be able to ignore them anymore.

We moved to this farm only last spring. In talking with people around here that know the property and the history of the people who have lived here previously, I have been informed there is a natural power line (not sure of the correct term for this but I am not talking about hydro power lines) that runs through the rock under the property, which is also part of the main mountain on this island.

In the past, apparently this has manifested in a lot of negative energy here, resulting in the people living here generally suffering some personal tragedies, usually emotional in nature, such as relationship break ups and dis-ease or distrust, those types of things. Why? I don't know...However, when I moved here I brought a (European Mountain Ash, Sorbus aucuparia) Rowan tree with me and apparently I planted it on or very near this line. There was no foreknowledge of this on my part, I simply did what I always do and instinctively chose the best spot I could sense when it came time to plant the tree has been noticed by many others that the energy on the property has changed significantly and is now flowing in a more positive direction. In addition, I believe the combination of the proximity of the Rowan tree and it being planted on this power line, has enhanced my talents.

I have been learning to relax into these past life visions I get...they are much clearer now, happening more often and with people not necessarily connected to my past. I am able to write a description what I "see". Also, I have had verification from more than one source, that my visions are accurate which gives me more confidence. I have also noted that I have a very drained feeling when a vision is complete.

I have been rather secluded in living my life for the past few years, almost hermit-like and won't go into a lot of other details here and now but I must say I have been experiencing a HUGE influx of positive, amazing changes, reactions and responses from people I know, as well as, from complete strangers.

This exposure has forced me to apply my rusty people/social skills. LOL
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